A complete solution for locating
and assessing UXO targets.
UXO Land for Oasis montaj is at the forefront of technology for effective survey planning and UXO detection.

  • Geosoft provides a complete solution for UXO projects. It's very robust and allows you to manage large volumes of data. That's critical to our ability to operate with limited budgets.

    John Breznick, NAEVA
  • It's a very comprehensive data processing and earth mapping system that has specialized workflows for the types of data we deal with on munitions response projects.

    Tamir Klaff, CH2M HILL
  • Oasis montaj provides more options on how to process the data and access to more predefined filters. It’s more mature than anything else on the market.

    Marcel Durocher, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation

Market-leading software for UXO surveys

UXO Land provides a full suite of tools to locate and analyze UXO targets based on magnetic (total field and gradiometer) and electromagnetic (EM61) data. A single workflow, incorporating Geosoft's UX-Detect and UX-Process capabilities, takes you from survey planning to target identification.

  • Easily process and visualize large volumes of data
  • Quickly perform quality control and quality assurance
  • Effectively locate and analyze UXO targets
  • Optimize survey planning and reporting

Complete workflow for UXO land surveys

Conduct QA and QC

Use a comprehensive set of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) tools to identify and correct instrument and acquisition errors.

  • Address repetitive data quality issues to prevent resurveying and improve productivity in UXO investigations.
  • Automatically document results of standard QA/QC tests.
  • Meet government data quality standards with tools to standardize the QA/QC process when collecting, processing and analyzing data for US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) projects. 

Process large data volumes

Rapidly process your data in real-time, and apply numerous filters and enhancements with ease.

  • Pre-process large volume total field and vertical gradient magnetic survey data as well as EM61 survey data.
  • Apply lag, heading, sensor offset and base station corrections to remove unwanted signal from data. 
  • Use spatial, non-linear, and vertical derivative filters to assist with signal-noise removal and enhancement of your data.
  • Create an analytic signal grid from magnetic data to position positive peaks over the center or edges of potential UXO targets.
Raw Data
After Drift and Latency Corrections

Select UXO targets

Pick targets from both magnetic and EM data. 

  • Automatically pick targets from profile data or grids. Pick peaks from analytic signal or dipoles from total field magnetic data.
  • Interactively select additional targets from profiles and grids.
  • Refine your final target list with interactive target editing and grouping tools. 

Analyze UXO targets

Visualize UXO targets and conduct further analysis. 

  • Depth and size calculations help to characterize UXO targets and provide more accurate locations.
  • Calculate the depth to source from a ratio of responses from the top and bottom EM coils.
  • Measure the anomaly size by calculating the distance from the peak of an anomaly to its first inflection point.
  • Apply 2D Euler deconvolution tool to calculate the apparent depths of selected magnetic targets.

Plan and manage UXO surveys

Access a variety of tools to make your survey planning and progress reporting more effective.

  • Map making tools enable the creation of UXO target maps for visualization and display of the target locations and reporting.
  • Create an audit log to track all data processing as a historical archive record.
UXO Land includes modelling tools developed in partnership with Acorn Science & Innovation.

Expand your UXO Solution

Add more capabilities to your Oasis montaj UXO subscription with extensions for marine magnetics and advanced classification and analysis of UXO targets.


Why subscribe to UXO Land?

Subscribing to Geosoft software provides a simple and flexible
way to access and manage your essential geoscience tools.


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