A powerful solution for classification, modelling and analysis of UXO targets using advanced electromagnetics.
UX-Analyze extends the functionality
of UXO Land to provide a complete
solution for UXO surveys.

Designed to automate repetitive, error-prone activities, UX-Analyze provides full classification capabilities and lets the analyst focus on details of the processing flow that are paramount to success.

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UX Analyze

Streamlined workflow for advanced UXO classification

UX-Analyze provides geophysicists with a comprehensive UXO classification tool for advanced electromagnetic sensor data. With UX-Analyze users can select target signatures of interest, invert the data and classify the results from static or dynamic surveys. 

While helping to streamline complex tasks, the tools within UX-Analyze require an understanding of electromagnetics for effective use and interpretation of results.

Features for geophysical target analysis and classification

  • Set the project parameters
  • Import the target data
  • Define and refine anomaly footprints
  • Perform data corrections
  • Batch fitting a list of targets
  • Inspect and refine existing targets
  • Add new targets
  • Classify targets
  • Manage target lists
  • Produce maps and a progress report

UX-Analyze includes modelling tools developed in partnership with Acorn Science & Innovation.

UX-Analyze is an extension to Oasis montaj and is available for sale globally. Courtesy of the United States Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) and Geosoft, UX-Analyze is also available on request for select authorized users including US government employees, UXO contractors and regulators who are working for the US Department of Defense (DoD) on UXO projects for the US Government.

Geosoft UX-Analyze software is compliant with the Department of Defense Quality Systems Requirements for Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC). Learn more about validated UX-Analyze versions.

Expand your UXO Solution

Add more capabilities to your Oasis montaj UXO subscription with extensions for UXO detection and analysis in near surface and marine environments.


Why subscribe to UX-Analyze?

Subscribing to Geosoft software provides a simple and flexible
way to access and manage your essential geoscience tools.


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