Advanced Software for Potential Fields

GM-SYS is the industry-leading solution for gravity and magnetic modelling, supporting the work of international government surveys and the exploration programs of the world's most successful energy companies.

GM-SYS Profile Modelling GM-SYS 3D Modelling Oasis montaj Integration SEG-Y Reader VALEM Inversion Service

The Benefits of GM-SYS Modelling

GM-SYS provides a complete solution for gravity and magnetic modelling, and the creation of integrated interpretations with seismic, well and structural data. As an extension of the Oasis montaj platform, it leverages Geosoft's core mapping and processing capabilities for multifaceted analysis of geophysics and geology; enabling interpretation teams to quickly and effectively collaborate, iterate and solve large data challenges.

  • Effectively model complex subsurface structures, including sub-salt and sub-sea environments. 
  • Utilize available gravity and magnetic data to improve the accuracy of final interpretations and focus the use of seismic reflection and drilling. 
  • Reduce risk and enhance prospect development through integrated geophysical interpretations and a better understanding of the subsurface geology.

GM-SYS Profile Modelling

Interactive modelling of gravity and magnetics

GM-SYS Profile Modelling is an intuitive and feature-rich 2D modelling workflow. Explorers can create a geologic model of the subsurface and compare the model’s gravity and magnetic response to observed gravity and magnetic measurements. Intermediate and Advanced options provide greater flexibility of model geometry, speed the data model process, and further constrain modelling variables.  Learn more >

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GM-SYS 3D Modelling

3D modelling of complex subsurface structures

GM-SYS 3D is an interactive 3D gravity and magnetic modelling workflow for surface-oriented models. With GM-SYS 3D, explorers can build layered 3D models that accurately depict the variation and irregularity of subsurface structures and calculate the models’ gravity and magnetic responses. Wells, seismic sections or volumes, and other information can be added for more insightful 3D model visualizations.  Learn more >

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GM-SYS Features and Options

A modelling solution that fits your needs

GM-SYS Modelling is available in several configurations: GM-SYS Profile (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and GM-SYS 3D. Fully integrated with the Oasis montaj platform, GM-SYS leverages Geosoft's wide range of capabilities for gravity and magnetic data processing, mapping, modelling and interpretation. 

VALEM is an on-demand 3D inversion service available as an add-on to GM-SYS 3D. VALEM harnesses the power of Geosoft’s advanced 3D inversion technology in a high performance computing (HPC) cloud.

View the feature summary below to determine which modelling capabilities fit best with your project needs.  

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Features and Options

+ GM-SYS Profile Modelling * Requires Oasis montaj
Explore Model Possibilities click to enlarge
Build a model. Vary a range of density, susceptibility, remanent magnetization to test different interpretations.
Data Integration click to enlarge
View and model gravity and magnetic data simultaneously including response curves, surface data, and LAS well files.
Oasis montaj Integration click to enlarge
Extract data interactively from Oasis montaj to create a GM-SYS model.
Convert Time to Depth click to enlarge
With Oasis montaj GM-SYS Profile, you can add a new "time" window below the standard depth window. Using 'time" sections, you can build models in "time" and convert to depth.
Supports Common Graphics Formats
Vector-postscript drivers export to: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, DGM, DXF and Geosoft plot files.
Seamless Interoperability
Import and work with more than 50 data formats, including grid, map and image formats.
2-3/4D Modelling click to enlarge
Close approximations of 3D structures are attained.
Joint Inversion click to enlarge
Refine your model to obtain the optimal fit between your model response and your data.
Seismic Bitmap
Display bitmaps in the cross-section pane background of your model to assist with creating and constraining models.
SEG-Y Reader click to enlarge
Read seismic reflection data and quickly integrate them with gravity, magnetic or any other data.
Extended Model Size
Build larger and more complex models.
Gravity and Magnetic Gradients
Constrain models using the six gradient components of the gravity field and the vertical gradient of the total magnetic field.
High Resolution Modelling click to enlarge
Work with up to 16,000 station points to better delineate details of blocks and detect small anomalies.
Grid Response
To improve QA, create a response grid of the model to compare to the original gridded data.
+ GM-SYS 3D Modelling * Requires Oasis montaj and montaj MAGMAP
3D Block Properties click to enlarge
Create discrete property layers within a block as a function of depth.
Viewing Model click to enlarge
Display models as individual 2D horizon maps, arbitrary 2D profiles, and 3D visualizations.
Integrate Gravity and Magnetics click to enlarge
Calculate the gravity and magnetic response grid for your model.
Integrate Seismic click to enlarge
Import, contrain and visualize seismic data into your model for greater insight.
On-the-fly Projections click to enlarge
Advanced projection engine allows for on-the-fly projections that can handle over 2000 datums and projections.
Editing Grids
Interactive grid editing tools, and a toolbar for quick access to common functions.
Model Manipulation click to enlarge
Edit models to exactly your specifications, using inversion and other tools.
3D Inversion click to enlarge
Flexible and precise tools giving complete control over the inversion process.
Time-to-depth Conversions click to enlarge
Load time sections, build models in time and convert to depth for gravity and magnetic calculations.
Compatibility click to enlarge
Export a GM-SYS 3D model to common format including Geosoft voxels, UBC, and Gocad.
Unlimited Size and Quantity
Create realistic model structures with no limit to the number of layers or size of models.
Oasis montaj Integration
Access to plotting, projection, grid manipulation, filtering routines and complete Esri GIS data integration.
Forward Gravity Calculation for Draped Surveys
A new gravity calculation method provides more accurate results. This enables you to work on draped surveys without upward continuation and take advantage of the full resolving power of your surveys.
Support for Closed 3D Surfaces in GM-SYS 3D Models
?Using closed 3D surfaces, you may represent arbitrarily-shaped bodies of any complexity in the models. ??Accurately represent geologic units that aren't easily represented by subhorizontal grids, such as convoluted and discontinuous allochthonous salt, dikes & plutons, or cave systems.?

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit) - Recommended, minimum requirement.

CPU A Dual Core processor is recommended. An Intel Celeron processor is not recommended.
RAM 4-8 GB recommended, 1 GB minimum required.
Graphics Nvidia Professional 256MB 3D (OpenGL 2.0) Graphics Card recommended.
Printer/Plotters Any Windows® supported colour printer. Hewlett Packard® large-format ink-jet plotters are recommended.
Installation Permissions When installing Oasis montaj or Target, you MUST be logged on with Administrator permissions.
Installation Disk Space 2 GB or more of free space on the Program Files drive is required for the installation process.
Data Disk Space Data disk space depends on the volume of project data to be processed and the printer driver you are using. We recommend 500 GB to 1 TB, minimum 50 GB.

Internet Connection: To use VALEM, we recommend a medium to high-speed internet connection (512Kbps upload and 1Mbps download or higher). The faster your internet connection, the faster you will be able to upload your modelling information to the VALEM cloud servers and download your results.

Internet Browser: To use the internet capabilities in Oasis montaj or Target, you will need to install Internet Explorer 8.0 or later. This does not mean that you have to have Internet Explorer as your default browser; Oasis montaj and Target just use the internet connection technology supplied in IE8.

Supporting Software

The following software prerequisites are required and will be downloaded and installed if not present:
• Microsoft .NET 4.5.2
• ESRI ArcEngine 10.3

For information on requirements for previous versions and operating systems, see the system requirements page


Customer Success

Examples of applied success with GM-SYS

Bridgeporth: Derisking oil exploration in complex environments
Read more >

Eni: Offshore Oil Prowess
Read more >

National Oil Corporation of Kenya: Exploring the East African Rift System
Read more >

University of the Witwatersrand: Modelling the Karoo
Read more >

Petrobras: Deepwater Discovery Success
Read more >

MBL: Integrated approaches in Oil Exploration
Read more >

Oklahoma State University: Training Tomorrow's Geoscientists
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United States Geological Survey: 3D Model of the Amphitheater Mountains
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More Success Stories >

Mark Longacre

Geophysical Consultant

“Geosoft is still by far the best software for generating gravity and magnetic interpretations, and products that can be easily integrated into the seismic world. I can process data, work on maps, and build the model in the same platform. I can generate something and send it knowing that in a few minutes, they can have it at their work station and on their screen."

Julio Lyrio 

Production Geophysicist

“The great advantage of using the Geosoft platform is the fact that it provides the ability for tight integration, from the database through to the preparation of the maps. This has eliminated the need for multiple software and the constant migration of information from one program to another. The variety of tools available for processing and interpreting our gravity and magnetic data, and ease of application, allows us to achieve project completion in a short period of time."

Luca Mapelli

Potential Data Team Leader

“The drill plotting capabilities help with the integration of gravity data and well data. When available, well data can give a strong constraint on the interpretation. GM-SYS modelling capabilities, 2D as well as 3D, provide an easy way to check the consistency of a seismic interpretation.”

Dr. Michal Ruder

Wintermoon Geotechnologies

"It’s very prudent to do 3D modelling for prospect modelling of salt bodies when you’re considering a very expensive well in deep water. We’ve been using 3D seismic volumes, and approximations of a 3D velocity volume, in our interpretations for some time. With modelling software such as GM-SYS 3D, we can now convert that to depth and ensure that it makes sense with the observed gravity and magnetic data.”

Dr. Mark Davies


“We favour a number of processing routines and a lot of the functionality of Geosoft's processing is excellent, so why re-invent the wheel? We also write our own Geosoft Executables and then fold that into the software. That gives us the flexibility we need to tailor workflows."


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