Exploration Data
Distribution and Discovery 

Geosoft DAP is server technology for publishing, distributing and discovering exploration data. With DAP, data is secure, organised, easily accessed and shared amongst all the people that need exploration data to make decisions.

Secure Server Technology Optimised for Exploration

Geosoft DAP server technology provides a secure, connected and collaborative environment that turns your disparate exploration data into a secure and shareable information asset that helps you retain knowledge, minimise risk and make better decisions to increase discovery success.

Efficient, Scalable and Quick to Deploy

Geosoft DAP Server enables exploration organisations to efficiently catalog, manage, deliver and visualise large, geospatial data. It makes your data instantly accessible and easily shared amongst all the people and teams that need exploration data to make decisions within your organisation.

  • Build a Managed Exploration Information Repository that is trusted, organised and accessible.
  • Enable rapid and efficient data discovery for project needs and business decision-making.
  • Improve opportunity development via data sharing with partners and specialists.
  • Provide proven, enterprise-ready services for exploration data delivery.
  • Capture and manage metadata to describe corporate data and information assets.

Geosoft DAP Server is able to efficiently catalog and deliver a broad range of data file types, including very large geospatial grids, 3D voxels, images and vector data. 

Exploration Information Repository click to enlarge Establish and manage a trusted, organised data foundation to reduce costs and increase your discovery potential.
Efficient Data Discovery click to enlarge Search for data based on area-of-interest or metadata keywords.
Easy Access to Large Data click to enlarge Find, use, and manage your exploration data that has been extracted, transformed and streamed seamlessly to your desktop application.
Powerful Collaboration Tools Improve team collaboration capabilities enabling geographically disperse staff to perform efficient data search and share information.
Integration of Data Repositories and GIS Integrate DAP server and your disparate enterprise data repositories or GIS and deliver data seamlessely to Geosoft Oasis montaj, Target, Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo and others.
Scalable Technology Scalable technology for cataloguing and managing hundreds of thousands of datasets, with access by simultaneous users.
Metadata Management click to enlarge Our metadata technology is integrated within Oasis montaj, Target, ArcGIS and the DAP server technology itself, such that users can create the required metadata at the time the data or interpretation is generated. Use collected metadata to improve the efficiency of finding and interpreting relevant data, thus increase the value of your information assets. 
Administration and Security click to enlarge Geosoft DAP Administrator Web Portal provides a comprehensive toolset for Data Managers to administer DAP servers and manage user and dataset security settings.
Reporting click to enlarge Generate reports on your corporate Data Assets and how these assets are been utilised by your geoscientists to make exploration decisions. 
Custom Development and Security Access Develop custom interfaces through Geosoft XML interface while maintaining security access and data integrity with supported by MS Active Directory. 
Data Support Geosoft DAP server is able to efficiently catalog and deliver a broad range of data file types, including very large geospatial grids, 3D voxels, images and vector data. View full list of Supported Dataset Types


For information on requirements including previous versions and operating systems, see the? Geosoft Server System Requirements?page.

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