Accurate Detection
of Unexploded Ordnance

The ability to accurately detect and locate buried unexploded ordnance (UXO) is essential when clearing UXO sites in order to restore these land or marine environments for public or commercial use. Geosoft provides software solutions for land and marine UXO detection, classification of buried UXO and the planning, quality control and management of UXO projects.

Geophysical Detection and Mapping Buried UXO

When conducting UXO investigations, data quality and targeting accuracy are key to effective surveying and remediation of UXO sites. Using Geosoft's advanced geophysical analysis and subsurface mapping software, UXO detection is less expensive, more accurate and safer for field workers dealing with sensitive materials.

We help to solve these UXO project challenges:

  • Efficient processing, analysis and quality control of large volumes of geophysical survey data.
  • Lifecycle management of UXO projects, including geophysical data processing and quality control, environmental site characterization, and UXO detection and classification. 
  • Analysis and visualization of all types of terrestrial and marine geoscience data for UXO, cables and pipelines, and other environmental applications.

In partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and leading environmental researchers, Geosoft has developed and offers the world’s most complete solution for the detection and classification of unexploded ordnance.

Integrated Platform for Earth Exploration

Oasis montaj

Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today's multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. Access to data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools, is provided within one dynamic, 3D environment. More than 20 extensions are available to conduct specialised geophysical processing and analysis within Oasis montaj.

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UXO Detection and Project Management

UXO Land 

Geosoft provides a comprehensive software solution for the detection and classification of buried unexploded ordnance (UXO) and the planning, quality control and management of UXO projects. UXO Land for Oasis montaj includes capabilities for locating and analysing UXO targets, from magnetic or electromagnetic data. It is used to quickly locate the ground position of potential UXO targets and narrow selections to a final target list.

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UXO Marine

A dedicated workflow along with specialized new tools for detecting unexploded ordnance (UXO), buried utilities, and other seabed contamination in the marine environment. UXO Marine for Oasis montaj works with individual and multi-sensor arrays, as well as gradiometers, to rapidly and reliably convert high volumes of magnetic data into accurate mapping, analysis, and target detection.

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UX-Analyze extends the functionality of Geosoft Oasis montaj and UXO Land, providing a complete solution for UXO investigations. Geosoft has partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), DoD agencies and the UXO researcher community, to develop industry-standard software which has increased accuracy and minimized risks in UXO detection, supporting effective environmental clean-up of Unexploded Ordnance.

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Custom Solutions

Custom Development Services

Geosoft can build new tools, unique workflows, and specific algorithms for your Oasis montaj environment or as a stand-alone desktop or web application. Geosoft custom solution professionals can work with you to: create a needs assessment and design a solution; develop specific software enhancements and additions; create customised Graphical User Interfaces; and integrate with other internal or third party software.

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