Marine surveys and underwater UXO detection

Detect unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities and artifacts beneath the seabed with magnetic data.

Marine surveyors and archaeologists often need to locate buried objects beneath the seabed. Methods commonly used include magnetics, electromagnetics (EM) and sub-bottom profilers. Geosoft offers a suite of powerful and specialized capabilities for data processing, analysis, mapping and visualization of diverse geophysical data types.

Geosoft UXO Marine provides surveyors with a dedicated workflow and specialized tools to effectively process and visualize magnetic data, assisting in the detection and analysis of targets in marine site investigation surveys. Use UXO Marine to make the handling of multi-sensor magnetic and gradiometer arrays data faster and more efficient, and easily manage your large volumes of survey data.

Marine surveys and underwater UXO detection

  • Underwater UXO investigations
  • Cable and pipeline inspection
  • Marine archaeology
  • Seabed surveys for wind farms
  • Integration with sonar and bathymetry
  • Sea floor exploration

Customer Success

Jaco Boshoff

Maritime Archaeologist
Iziko Museums of Cape Town

“What the Geosoft gradient maps showed us was phenomenal. In one case we had a longitudinal anomaly that turned out to be a ship's keel. Signatures were incredibly accurate."

Doug Hrvoic

President and Owner
Marine Magnetics Corp

After processing the magnetometer data with Oasis montaj, the team was impressed. “The images are pretty phenomenal. Extremely sharp… The mag picture clearly identified things that were man-made and those that were not.”

Ken Hayes

Owner and Founder
Aqua Survey

“We narrowed the potential targets [over 317] down to a probable ten using the analysis and filtering tools in UX-Detect. We were able to eliminate a whole lot of signatures to prioritize the ten.”

Terry Curran

Manager of Client Liaison
Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS)

Using an autonomous, submersible glider for undersea data gathering, the data added up to an impressive number of megabytes. "The vehicle has a scientific payload, and Oasis montaj is remarkable in its ability to graphically analyze a large dataset and a multitude of ocean variables.”

Richard Hamilton

EMU Limited

“We use the Geophysics module to filter the magnetometer data to initially remove heading and diurnal variations. And then, for UXO data sets, to remove large scale geological features. We then use the UX-Detect module to grid the data, select targets and run the target analysis."


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Geosoft for Marine 

Oasis Montaj

Access a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools in one dynamic, 3D environment.

UXO Marine

Detect underwater UXO, buried utilities and seabed contamination with magnetic and gradient data. 

UXO Land

Locate and analyze UXO targets from magnetic or electromagnetic data, and create target lists.